Who is Cayte?

UX Designer with 15 years design experience.

Photo of Cayte - a young white woman standing by a lake.
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I started designing when I made a newspaper for my 5th grade class. My love for design continued throughout adolescence. I went to school for digital design, and enjoyed a career as a web/UI and graphic designer for over 10 years.

During this time, I became more interested in UX, and how complex and impactful UX contributions are to product development. I enrolled in a bootcamp to learn UX and found that UX is my sweet spot between creative and analytical thinking.

These days, I'm especially interested in UX research and accessibility.

Outside of work, I love traveling, seeing live music, volunteering as a mentor for refugees, and helping my local cat rescue.

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What my co-workers, managers, and mentors have said:

One of Cayte's strengths is her ability to work collaboratively with others. She is an excellent communicator who takes the time to understand the needs and goals of her colleagues and stakeholders. She is always willing to listen to feedback and make changes as needed to ensure that her work is aligned with the broader objectives of the project.

- Emily Stephens, VP of Product Engineering at Mersive Technologies

Cayte is a talented UX and visual designer with a keen sense of creativity and creative problem-solving. She is always game to consider a design challenge, explore possible solutions, and collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.

- Bob Goodman, SVP of Product at Virgin Pulse

She's incredibly optimistic and a has an amazing head for design. She's also a designer without an ego - she accepts criticism, critiques, and changes and incorporates ideas from others where it makes sense without complaint. She also is willing to work directly with developers, and "pair designed" things that were particularly tricky with a developer in order to come up with something that worked for everyone.

- James Martin, Principal UX Engineer at Monster

Cayte’s a true team player. She’s been a valuable member of the UX Team, working closely with our User Experience Manager and front-end developers, as well as outside contractors. She keeps projects moving amidst multiple priorities, contributors and stakeholders, and has shown initiative by creating design review meetings with these stakeholders.

- Mary Beth Montgomery, Brand & Creative Director at Fitbit

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