Maven Machines

How can we help truck drivers do their jobs more efficiently?

Truck drivers rely on Maven Machines’ dispatch app to do their job. They use it get to different locations, and drop off and pick up shipments.

Problem: Maven Machines has been able to provide more features and information. Now, one of the screens has become a "kitchen sink," and they think it needs a makeover.

Solution: Simplify this screen, so that they see the right info at the right time.

Nobody wants to keep operating a device that you gotta keep redoing, and you start getting frustrated and it’s not working. There’s other devices out there that you can use.

- Stacy, truck driver

My Role

How I worked on this project for a client in 2020.

Understand the product vision

I talked to a Product Manager (AJ) at Maven and conducted research online. I formulated thoughts on how to redesign their platform.

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Conduct user research

I interviewed truck drivers who use the app. We talked about how they use the app to do their job, and what problems they have with it.

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Redesign recommendations

I produced sketches and mockups to make the app easier and faster for drivers to engage with.

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Heuristic and competitive analyses

I looked at Maven Machine's and competitors' apps to see what works well and what doesn't.

Heuristic analysis table showing competitor apps against Maven Machines.
Competitors win

The competitors’ apps fared better than Maven Machine’s in most areas.

Aesthetic and minimalist design

This was the only heuristic that failed for Maven Machines. This is because of the Stop Info screen, which is the screen they thought was the initial problem.

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aesthetic and minimalist design

Simplifying the information

There is duplicate info shown many times in different places on the Stop Info screen. My sketch shows how to remove duplicates.

Mobile screen showing details on delivery.
Current screen
Mobile screen showing details on delivery.
Idea for updated screen
user interviews

Finding out the users' pain points

I talked to four truck drivers on the phone because they are usually driving, and are not as tech-savvy.
I wasn't able to do a ride-along since I was working remotely.

What are you going to do if you’re driving and you use [the GPS] to get to your next destination, and it locks up on you?

When you do a lot of stops… every minute counts.

He followed the map and he hit a bridge.

synthesizing findings

The biggest UX issues

These are the top problems users are having with the app related to the user experience:


Automated tasks would help complete tasks faster.

Edit information

Drivers need to edit or delete info they enter.

Customize tasks

Some tasks are different for drivers.


Drivers want to talk with other drivers.

Be prepared

Drivers want to see info ahead of time.

Have options

Drivers want options to choose from for certain tasks.


Thinking through improvements

I started the design process with some quick sketches. This way I can brainstorm several options quickly.
Paper sketch for deleting a shipment.

Delete a shipment

Drivers want to be able to delete things such as shipments. We did not go with this because AJ said they should be marked as duplicate shipments instead.

Condensing information with expandable sections

I also thought about Stop Info screen. AJ felt it was something we could improve, even though it didn't come up in user interviews.

We brainstormed ways to have all the info on one screen instead of two. The idea was to have expandable sections on the screen.

I also put all location information to the top of the screen as an overview, and then the details went below.

This helped me think through what the best flow would be before I updated the hi-fidelity designs.

Paper sketch showing screen for location info.


I used the Sketch files Maven Machines had. I also used screenshots of the app because some screens were not in Sketch.

  • I designed for Android, as their drivers are provided with Android tablets.
  • I provided recommendations for how to edit information and provide options based on past trips.
  • These designs include the main pain points I heard from the drivers: some parts are automated, they can edit or delete info, and they have options to choose from.
  • This design should make it faster for drivers to complete their tasks.

Revisions, testing, and analytics

My learnings and recommendations for continuing this project.

learnings & recommendations

A new industry

I had never worked in the transportation industry, but I was able to get up to speed quickly through research and discussions with my co-workers.


I asked AJ a lot of questions to understand their product better. The truck drivers were willing to talk a lot, so it was easy having a conversation.

Usability testing

I encouraged AJ to conduct usability testing of the prototype. I also provided metrics to analyze if the changes improve the users' experience.

Cayte was able to identify some really unique ways of improving our product, that had never been recognized by our team before.

- AJ Weaver, Product Manager, Maven Machines

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