How can we make onboarding hardware easier?

IT Admins or installers need to enroll Mersive's hardware (called Pods) to their Cloud management site (called Solstice Cloud) so that they can manage the Pods.

Problem: Currently, this can only be done with an outdated Windows app. Folks with a Mac cannot enroll Pods.

Solution: Find a solution that works on multiple devices, and is easier to use.

It's a big deal to make sure I'm doing things right. You only onboard something incorrectly a few times before you're really careful with everything."

- Eric, Director of IT

My Role

How I worked on this project from conception to completetion in 2022.

Understand the scope and technical limitations

With discussions with various people in engineering, I learned what could be built to determine the type of solution.

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Current to new flows

I worked to understand how the process currently works and what we need to implement in the new version.

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Designs and beta testing

I created wireframes, designs, and added improvements with a beta release to select clients for feedback.

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Understand scope and technical limitations

Over a series of discussions, I met with folks in engineering who had knowledge about this project.

What kind of solution can we provide?

The ideal solution was something that could be built directly into Solstice Cloud. However this was not possible due to technical requirements. It also could not be a mobile app for the same reason. So it was decided it would be a desktop app.

user interface

UI design and prototypes

After the lo-fi designs were in a good place, I added the UI. We decided to go with a dark theme, since IT admins and installers tend to use apps with dark themes.

I used the same styles from the
Solstice Cloud design system, since the users would go there after enrolling the Pods.

We also worked with the Marketing team on the app name and logo to make sure the branding fit with our other products.
next steps

Results and learnings

What happened after the designs were completed.

Beta version

The app was released as a beta to some customers to try out and collect feedback.

Getting app to customers

We added a button on Solstice Cloud for users to download the app, and a banner in the app to install updates.

User interviews

I drafted questions and collected a list of clients to talk to about their experience with the app. However I did not get to this due to other priorities.

The feedback we got from customers on the beta app was overall positive. They were happy with the ease of use and ability to enroll their Pods quickly.