How can we improve group travel planning?

Problem: It can take people weeks to plan a vacation together.

Solution: Groupava is a group travel planning app that helps people find a time, place, and budget that works for everyone.

My Role

How I worked on this bootcamp project in 2019.

Empathize with research

I validated the problem through secondary research, screener surveys, interviews, affinity maps, and personas.

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Define the problem

I created user stories and a site map, to see how the app would work through user flows.

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Ideation, prototype, and testing

I created sketches, wireframes, and prototypes to test the solution with usability testing.

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research, screener survey, and interviews

It's too time-consuming to plan group vacations.

From the survey and interviews I conducted, it’s very stressful to find a time, place, and activities that works for everyone.

Screener survey pie chartScreener survey bar chart
affinity maps

Tools, pain points, and what people like

After talking to people, I grouped similar findings to see what themes come up more often.
- Most people use a third-party site to book
- People want to connect with friends and family and have options for activities
Affinity map

Two types of users

I saw two common themes when talking to people:
Some people love to plan, and others don't.

Peggy the Planner
Peggy the Planner
  • Takes several trips a year
  • Keep everyone in the loop
  • Knows prices upfront
  • Says there are so many sites now to plan travel
  • Needs to edit or delete info
  • Thinks that people are indecisive or take a while to respond
Peggy the Planner
Paul the Procrastinator
  • Take 1-2 trips a year
  • Keep options open
  • Doesn’t want to spend a lot of money
  • Doesn’t know how much money he spent
  • Has trouble agreeing on what to do with friends
user flows

How to create a new trip

I focused on this part because most people need help with the initial planning of a trip. This includes deciding on a place to go, how much money to spend, and when people are free.
User flow: create new trip

Sketches to get initial feedback on the UX flow

I did some guerilla testing of creating a new trip, and a voting process.

1. Each step of creating a trip is on a separate screen

2. People can vote for the options or add new ones

3. Once voting closes, the app shows the options with the most votes

Paper sketch of mobile app screen for creating a trip.
Paper sketch of mobile app screen with options for planning a trip.
Paper sketch of mobile app screen for planning a trip.

What is this app for?

From the guerilla testing, some things were unclear, so I revised these in the wireframes.

Home screen

Specific to group travel

In the initial sketch, the home screen didn't mention a group trip, so I revised the headline.

What do I do here?

I added a description to explain what to do on the voting screen.

Voting screen
UI & design system

A dark theme for accessibility?

This is also a current design trend, so I wanted to see if it came up in usability testing.

Mobile app screen showing options for planning trip.Mobile app screen with options to vote on trip.
User flow: create new trip
usability testing

Clearing up confusion

There were a few issues that came up from usability testing that I addressed:

1. I changed the copy to explain why there is more than one location selected

2. I added a button to make it clear where to view votes

3. I kept the ability for the admin to edit the trip after they vote

Mobile app screens showing before and after of options for planning trip.
Mobile app screen showing before and after of trip and viewing votes.
Mobile app screen showing before and after of how many votes each option got for trip.

The journey is different for everyone

How I can improve this app in the future.

One size doesn't fit all

People might have a destination in mind already and just need help with the budget and timing.

Make it understable

Usability testing helped me find what was unclear. I could do further testing or put a beta out to collect more feedback.

Travel activities

People want ideas for activities to do while they're on their trip. This is a piece that can come in a future iteration.

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