Virgin Pulse

How can we increase enrollment with our biggest clients?

Virgin Pulse is a wellbeing program that employers buy to encourage healthy habits with their employees. Employees need to enroll in the program. Some employers have different employee types and need a way to enroll those folks differently.

Problem: Employers have outdated enrollment pages that are confusing for their employees, resulting in low enrollment.

Solution: Update landing pages and make it easier for employees to enroll.

Previously, Bank of America has had two different places for spouses and employees to access their program. This has been a huge pain point – having one single URL to communicate to all eligibles, with a landing page to easily direct spouses and employees to respective access points will hugely improve the user experience for the Bank’s program.

- Emma, Project Owner

My Role

How I worked on this project from 2018 - 2019.

Initiate a better solution

After seeing how messy and outdated the design of the current enrollment pages were for some of our biggest clients, I proposed an updated look and better UX.

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Initial designs and flows

I worked on designs and flows that made sense for each of our clients.

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Get feedback, revise, and launch

Prototypes were shown to the clients, updates were made, and the final versions were launched.

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getting started

Proposing a better solution

I worked with different departments to get buy-in for this project.

Original spreadsheet showing allocation data.
Why should we do this?

The current landing pages had outdated branding and sections were not aligned properly. It wasn't clear to users what to do, which we heard from clients.

Do we have the bandwidth?

Since I would be handling the design, and the coding wouldn't be too difficult, the lift was low for high value.

Original wireframe/flow idea for how user can use SPO tool.
user interface

Adding details and scenarios

After getting feedback from our clients and additional details, I worked through iterations of the designs until we landed on designs that worked for each clients' needs.

Client 1: Going through the steps

For WarnerMedia, they needed to know which country the user was in first, and then if they were an employee or spouse. I broke these out into two steps, and then showed corresponding details - showing the right info at the right time.

Client 2: Less is more

end result

Handoff and other components

What happened after the landing page designs were completed.

Dev handoff

I worked with our devs to give them the design files needed, and provide feedback as they were being built.

Marketing components

I also designed an email campaign, posters, and digital displays to bring awareness to the new enrollment process.

Cayte is extremely pro-active. She reached out to inquire about updating outdated custom landing pages for some of our more complex clients – including Raytheon, WarnerMedia, and HP Inc. This really showcases her passion for the mission of the team and the overall business.

- Crista, Marketing Team Lead - Custom Communications

Other Work